Custom Jewelry

Custom, Not Customary

Personalized Jewelry by Arka Designs

First, Dream

We start with what inspires you, reviewing the pictures and sketches you bring in to imagine the possibilities. If you aren’t sure of what you want, we will collaborate with you on the concept.

Next, Design

See your jewelry come to life in hand-drawn sketches or professional, photo-realistic 3D renderings, detailed down to every stone, curve and color. We adjust the design until you see exactly what you want.

ARKA Designs- Custom Jewelry

Then, Review

There’s nothing like actually holding, touching and trying on your design, so we create a model to help you make a final decision and to let us get the fit just right.

Finally, Create

Your custom design is created by us using a precious metal of your choice. We set the stones carefully and hand-finish the design to bring out every detail, and the design you dreamed of is now yours.